Meet the Co-founders

Denia Mariano

Inbound Marketing Director

Denia is an inbound marketer and has been working with Digital and Content for the past 10 years.

Her passion for Inbound Marketing and the incredible results that can come from the mix between technology smart usage and remarkable content is the heart of our Inbound Marketing department.

Denia’s combined experience in the fields of marketing, communications, and web development gives her the unbeatable expertise of planning and executing content and inbound marketing strategies that are effective, sales-driven and aligned with our client’s business strategy.


Full Bio

Denia is enthusiastic, always keen to help with a great sense of initiative and creativity. She’s very professional, well organized and target oriented. Further, she is a vibrant and warm personality and I was very pleased to work with her.

Fana Guye, Former Regional Sales Manager Coca-Cola

Rodrigo Miranda

Creative Director

Rodrigo has a background in advertising and design and has been working with Video Marketing for the past 10 years, with major brands within the B2C and B2B space such as Facebook, Yahoo, Quickbooks, CommBank, Sony, BBC and Channel 9.

His passion for visual design and its unique capability of showcasing businesses’ expertise and know-how through engaging visual messages is the heart of Pixel’s Creative department.

Rod’s combined experience in motion design, filming, editing and directing led him to work in countries such as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, and Fiji.

Full Bio

Rod is an absolute pleasure to work with. On each project, he obtained a strong grasp of our marketing vision to clearly depict our intended message. His creative flair and exceptional skills really brought our work to the next level.

Mark Bentwitch, Sales Manager - NSW/ACT at Precor

Creative and Strategic Thinking

We are based in Sydney, Australia, but being geography agnostic, we don’t set boundaries for creativity.

While all of the strategic thinking, creative direction and project management is done in-house, we also collaborate with the most talented web and graphic designers, animators, developers, video editors, sound designers, journalists and copywriters from Australia and all around the world.

This setup gives us the flexibility to provide an endless range of expertise and skill sets that continually produce fresh and unique creative work. This also allows us to give mid-sized businesses access to world-class digital and content production at a fraction of its costs.


Who we can help the most

We specialise in helping CEOs and Marketing Managers of mid-sized companies who need to either build or refresh their digital and content marketing strategies.

The clients we can help the most are either on one of these situations:

They lack highly specialised internal marketing resources to help them with the challenge of building their Inbound Marketing strategy and technology infrastructure with tools such as Hubspot or they need assistance with their content strategy and execution, including the production of high-quality videos that can truly make a difference to their marketing and sales efforts.

Our clients understand or would like to learn more about the power of well-crafted content marketing aligned with a powerful inbound marketing strategy that will increase sales opportunities, bring more efficiency to their marketing tactics and build credibility and trust in their respective industries while cutting through the noise currently experienced on the web and in the overall market.

By the way, we can help companies in any industry sector to build their Inbound & Content Marketing infrastructure, however, we do have greater expertise in Education, Training, Technology and Professional Services fields such as Architecture, Finance, and Event Production.